60ft Wave Caught In Portugal

60ft Wave Blog

Many of the worlds most famous surfers have all travelled out to Praia do Norte in Portugal to catch some of the first monster waves of the winter season, one of the surfers that has travelled to Portugal is Sebastian Steudtner who is intent on breaking the world record for the biggest wave ever surfed which is at the size of 78 foot

The first day gave 60 foot waves however in the eyes of these athletes the conditions were not perfect and therefore the swell not to their expectations, talking about this well known surfer Pedro “Scooby” said, ‘We thought that we wouldn’t have surf. However, our team met in the morning and decided to go for it. They were huge waves, but it was also very windy. We decided to stay together, I grabbed the tow rope and caught three waves’

The big winner of the day however was Steudtner after he caught a giant 60ft wave to get near the world record

Check out the video below to see footage of Steudtner taking on the monster wave!

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