BMX Taken To New Level In Mind Bending Video

Kriss Kyle BMX Blog

Red Bull have yet again brought us a jaw dropping video that will change the way you look at BMX for a very long time.

They have teamed up with pro rider Kriss Kyle to create Kaleidoscope, this video mixes some of the best technical BMX riding with special effects and camera trickery to create one of the most mind blowing video experiences that we have ever seen!

Talking about the original idea for the project and how it all came about Kyle said “I’ve been planning this for almost a year. Red Bull came to me and we wanted to do something about this concept and I pretty much got to design the kind of stuff I’ve dreamed about since I was a kid.”

With a massive £1M budget the production of the video was similar to that of a Hollywood movie talking about this aspect Kyle added “We had about 40 people and there were guys such as the crane director who had worked on the movie Gravity and a bunch of other amazing people. It was wild.”

However as you can imagine a video of this scale with a number of world firsts for the BMX community there was always danger and close scrapes, talking about one particular close call Kyle said ” I was really fortunate to be walking away from some of the things I did, especially the one that was 40ft high, I nearly went off the side of the ledge!”

Check out the incredible video below to see BMX riding at its very peak!

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