Drone Use At X Games Banned

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The production team for the upcoming winter X Games in Aspen have made the decision to ban use of drones from the event after an issue the previous year in which a spectator who was unable to enter the venue flew a drone in to video the event, this resulted in the spectator being issued a misdemeanor for reckless endangerment.

More recently there was an issue with a drone during a recent Ski World Cup event there was an incident where a drone fell from the sky and almost hit points leader Marcel Hirscher leading to a outright drone ban from the  International Ski Federation, a move that the X Games say did not influence the decision for their ban, talking about the issues with drone use the Aspen Police Department said, “Drones have become more commonplace as technology evolves rapidly, posing new safety threats … to manage, Given the proximity of the X Games venue to the Aspen-Pitkin County Airport, drones create a serious concern in and around the venue.”

However on the other side of the argument photographers and videographers who use drones to get images think that there is a place for drones however lines should be drawn when people could be put in danger, photographer Nathan Bilow who uses drones said “I do not use it for ski racing because of something like [Hirscher’s near-miss] that may happen.”

To see Marcel Hirscher’s near miss check out the video below!

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