Surfer Rides “Biggest Wave Ever Paddled”

Biggest Wave Blog

If you have never heard of Aaron Gold then that is all going to change as the Hawaiian surfer has caught what many are calling the biggest wave to ever be paddled at Peahi, taking on a monster 60 foot wave without aid of a jetski has sent shockwaves around the surfing world and will be sure to put Gold on the map when it comes to being a well known surfer.

Talking about his experience with the giant wave Gold said “The wave just sorta came to me. I mean, I had to work to get into it, but it lined up just right. When I got to my feet, I didn’t really know just how big the wave was. But it felt like I was dropping in down the face forever. It was almost surreal and it threw me off a little bit. As you can see in the photos and the video, I got hit by the section at the bottom of the wave.”

To see the footage of Gold taking on the monster wave check out the video below!

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